Lifter Gear Motor

Lifter Gear Motor

Lifter Gear Motor
Lifter Gear Motor
Lifter Gear Motor
Lifter Gear Motor
Lifter Gear Motor
Lifter Gear Motor
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Product Description

Our Lifter Gear Motor is an exceptional product that boasts a powerful BLDC motor. With a phase of 12 slots and 8 poles, this gear motor delivers high torque and efficiency to power any industrial lifting application. The Lifter Gear Motor is compatible with DC12v, 24v, and 48v voltage systems and operates at 50/60HZ frequency. It has a maximum output power of 50w and features ball bearings that ensure smooth operation and longer service life. This gear motor is equipped with thermal cutoffs or automatic reset thermal protectors to safeguard against overheating and protect the motor from damage. The Lifter Gear Motor is capable of rotating both clockwise and counterclockwise, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of lifting applications. It has a maximum speed of 3000rpm, making it an efficient and reliable option for lifting heavy loads. With our Lifter Gear Motor, you can enjoy the benefits of a durable and powerful lifting solution that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your industrial application.



BLDC  motor


12solt  8 pole


DC12v  24v  48v



Out Power


Type of bearing

Ball bearing


Thermal cutoffs or Automatic reset thermal protector


CW. or CCW.



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